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Under SERVICES We do the work for you

In addition to courses and training, let our team of professionals stream-line the process by doing the work for you.   Take the guess-work out of the process and focus on doing your good work!  


Nonprofit Start Up Packages  We complete all of the paperwork necessary to set up your nonprofit organization. 

Grant writing One-on-One  We help you complete your grant application. 

Nonprofit Bookkeeping Support  Our accounting specialists will maintain your monthly bookkeeping alone or with payroll support.   

1-on-1 Grant Support

We offer a cost-effective solution for securing grant funding for your organization. Our personalized approach involves guiding you through each step of the grant application process.

Here's how it works:

  1. You identify the grant opportunity (we can also assist in finding suitable grants).

  2. We provide comprehensive support, offering guidance and input on every question of the application.

  3. Once you've completed the application, we conduct a final review before submission. Our efficient process not only ensures successful grant applications but also equips you with valuable skills for future endeavors. Assistance is available at $500.00 per application, covering basic grants of up to 8 pages. More complex grants may incur additional fees due to their larger scope. All support is provided virtually, so be ready to take notes. The minimum fee for our services is $500.00.

       FEE $500


Nonprofit 501c3 Application Package

This option is for those who have completed the initial Nonprofit Filing paperwork, and just want to have the 501c3 application completed for them. 

  • Your filing fees are included in the cost

  • Payment plan option

  • Ability to add services as needed

FEE for 1023 Application  $1,600

FEE for 1023 EZ Application $1,000

Nonprofit Start Up
Complete Package

This option is ideal for those wanting a full nonprofit set up.  This will put you in the position to begin operations, programs and begin to seek funding. 

  • Includes Articles of Incorporation, Tax Identification Number, and Statement of Information

  • Includes the 501(c)(3) Application

  • California State Tax Exemption

  • Registration with Attorney General's Office

  • Your filing fees are included

  • Payment plan option

  • Ability to add services as needed

  • FEE $5,000

      Get started today for $500

Let's Work Together

The proper foundation and structure ensures access to funding and long term success!

Get started today!

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